Find the Hidden Object
There is a simple shape hidden somewhere under the central square.

Your job is to accurately draw the shape on the screen. You can gather information by shooting 'balls' and bouncing them off the shape.

Grab the arrow tip to move the shooter. Grab the tail to rotate the shooter.
To shoot, double click in the large box or click the shoot button.

You can sketch on the square to help you figure out the shape.

Improve your confidence in your final guess by testing your hypothesis - look for information that doesn't fit with your current idea.

How confident are you in your guess? Is it possible to 'prove' what the shape is?
Do scientists ever 'prove' that they are right?

When you or your group are confident in your final guess, draw it on the box with the thicker 'draw' pen. You can click 'show shape' to get the answer.

Remember - in real science, there is no 'show answer' button, so all we can do is increase our confidence by doing lots of testing.

You can start over with a new shape and choose a difficulty level.

This work by John Welch is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.